January 30, 2014

Veve Dance hosts International artist Moria Chappell for a 'Tribal Fusion Bellydance Intensive Workshop' in Mumbai, India

Belly dancing has wrapped the world in its mystical warmth and is slowing turning into a new dance religion. Many dancers from across the globe are learning this graceful dance style and are striving to create a dance language that can be learnt and enjoyed by all.

Veve Dance has over the years collaborated with many reputed international artists from diverse fields. To herald the new year 2014; we invited internationally acclaimed Master Instructor & Performer and Artistic director of Bellydance Superstars, Moria Chappell, to conduct a ‘Tribal Fusion Bellydance Intensive Workshop’ exclusively for Veve Dance at Mumbai, India from the 2nd-7th of January, 2014.

Tribal Fusion Superstar Moria Chappell, has travelled worldwide performing as well as teaching the art of tribal fusion bellydance, specializing in Odissi Fusion. She is heralded as an innovator in choreography, costume design and stage make-up.

Her style, both feminine and fierce, commands an intensity and precision that epitomized tribal fusion isolation and individualism. Dark, bohemian, primal, fresh, animalistic, folkloric, sensuous, snake-like, earthy, eclectic are some of the words that come to mind when one wants to describe her performances and stage presence.

She is skilled in the science of Kinesiology which helps her in understanding the scientific and artistic intricacies of human body. And truly believes that it is important to understand and utilize the muscles that cloak the bones. 

Teaching from a place of body and spirit, Moria's technique is entirely muscle-based; dedicating one muscle to one movement and creating isolations and shapes that are clear and concise.

A passionate crowd of 45 women had gathered together for this intensive; inclusive of various belly dancers and dance schools from all across India like Meher Malik and her troupe representing the Banjara School of dance from Delhi, Payal Gupta and her troupe representing the Payal’s Dance Academy, Bindu Bolar of the Lights Camera Dance, Kavya Viswanathan from Sanaz Dance Studio in Bangalore and many more.

Day 1 & 2 of the workshop:

Moria kick-started the workshop by elucidating upon the concepts of intense muscular isolation and their conditioning. She led the students through intense drills meant to exercise the muscles required for the execution of crisp tribalesque movements.

She also explained how one can expand ones movement vocabulary by using musicality in layering by marking different rhythms and tempos within different sections of the body to create orchestrated movements. She focused on many advance layerings, shimmy techniques, body extensions & articulation used for tribal fusion bellydance.

Exhibiting a distinctive take on percussion and rhythm, Moria also taught a tribal drum solo choreography where the key was to mark the music through crisp muscle movement using signature locks, breaks, fluid arms, shapes, combinations and muscular technique for travelling, layering and transitioning.

Director Veronica and Students having funn during the workshop!!

Day 3 & 4 of the workshop:
After two days of intense drilling, Moria taught the use of multiple fusion combinations to focus on steady and smooth transition techniques for complete body fluidity.

She also emphasized the importance of maintaining posture and isolation of movements whilst balancing a prop such as a Sword, a candle and an Assaya on different parts of the body to add creative interpretation and circus flair.

She focused on back bends, knee slides etc and also gave tips for safe and smooth execution of floor work. To add some drama and slinkiness to ones performance, she also taught some unique and unexpected floor patterns.

After the group workshop on the 3rd day, the Veve Dance team was highly privileged to have an exclusive workshop with Moria.

An experiential workshop by the name of 64 Yoginis, for which Moria has drawn the inspiration from the sixty-four yogini statues standing in niches encircled by a mandala-shaped temple known as the Hirapur Chausat Yogini Shrine located near Bhubaneswar, India.

After a brief introduction about the temple and the different yogini statues in the temple, Moria guided the team to first visualize the yoginis and their mounts and also learns their stances and gestures. Breathing life into the goddesses, she taught many a beautiful and statuesque sequences, fusing Odissi and Bellydancing.

Later that day Moria updated her FB status saying - "Today was the first time I taught the 64 Yogini dance workshop and it was wonderful. The ladies were so focused and looked beautiful dancing through each combination. Thank you all for making the debut of this workshop such a joy for me".

Thank you Moria!! Every minute of learning this exquisitely elegant fusion sequence was a wonderful experience.

Day 5 of the workshop:
Veve dance team had another exclusive workshop with Moria, learning the folkloric form of Tunisian dance.

Fresh and unique, Tunisian dance technique places heavy emphasis on twisting, unique posturing and unexpected floor patters with many high energy combinations. It is an exciting form of ethnic dance and the team learnt from Moria their combinations as they apply to Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Veve Dance Team with Moria Chappell posing with their 'Certificate of Participation', which was ingeniously designed by our Senior Instructor Dipika Vijay.

After receiving tremendous response for this workshop with Moria, Veve dance is already working to rope in more international artists for future collaborations.

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