January 30, 2014

Veve Dance hosts International artist Moria Chappell for a 'Tribal Fusion Bellydance Intensive Workshop' in Mumbai, India

Belly dancing has wrapped the world in its mystical warmth and is slowing turning into a new dance religion. Many dancers from across the globe are learning this graceful dance style and are striving to create a dance language that can be learnt and enjoyed by all.

Veve Dance has over the years collaborated with many reputed international artists from diverse fields. To herald the new year 2014; we invited internationally acclaimed Master Instructor & Performer and Artistic director of Bellydance Superstars, Moria Chappell, to conduct a ‘Tribal Fusion Bellydance Intensive Workshop’ exclusively for Veve Dance at Mumbai, India from the 2nd-7th of January, 2014.

Tribal Fusion Superstar Moria Chappell, has travelled worldwide performing as well as teaching the art of tribal fusion bellydance, specializing in Odissi Fusion. She is heralded as an innovator in choreography, costume design and stage make-up.

Her style, both feminine and fierce, commands an intensity and precision that epitomized tribal fusion isolation and individualism. Dark, bohemian, primal, fresh, animalistic, folkloric, sensuous, snake-like, earthy, eclectic are some of the words that come to mind when one wants to describe her performances and stage presence.

She is skilled in the science of Kinesiology which helps her in understanding the scientific and artistic intricacies of human body. And truly believes that it is important to understand and utilize the muscles that cloak the bones. 

Teaching from a place of body and spirit, Moria's technique is entirely muscle-based; dedicating one muscle to one movement and creating isolations and shapes that are clear and concise.

A passionate crowd of 45 women had gathered together for this intensive; inclusive of various belly dancers and dance schools from all across India like Meher Malik and her troupe representing the Banjara School of dance from Delhi, Payal Gupta and her troupe representing the Payal’s Dance Academy, Bindu Bolar of the Lights Camera Dance, Kavya Viswanathan from Sanaz Dance Studio in Bangalore and many more.

Day 1 & 2 of the workshop:

Moria kick-started the workshop by elucidating upon the concepts of intense muscular isolation and their conditioning. She led the students through intense drills meant to exercise the muscles required for the execution of crisp tribalesque movements.

She also explained how one can expand ones movement vocabulary by using musicality in layering by marking different rhythms and tempos within different sections of the body to create orchestrated movements. She focused on many advance layerings, shimmy techniques, body extensions & articulation used for tribal fusion bellydance.

Exhibiting a distinctive take on percussion and rhythm, Moria also taught a tribal drum solo choreography where the key was to mark the music through crisp muscle movement using signature locks, breaks, fluid arms, shapes, combinations and muscular technique for travelling, layering and transitioning.

Director Veronica and Students having funn during the workshop!!

Day 3 & 4 of the workshop:
After two days of intense drilling, Moria taught the use of multiple fusion combinations to focus on steady and smooth transition techniques for complete body fluidity.

She also emphasized the importance of maintaining posture and isolation of movements whilst balancing a prop such as a Sword, a candle and an Assaya on different parts of the body to add creative interpretation and circus flair.

She focused on back bends, knee slides etc and also gave tips for safe and smooth execution of floor work. To add some drama and slinkiness to ones performance, she also taught some unique and unexpected floor patterns.

After the group workshop on the 3rd day, the Veve Dance team was highly privileged to have an exclusive workshop with Moria.

An experiential workshop by the name of 64 Yoginis, for which Moria has drawn the inspiration from the sixty-four yogini statues standing in niches encircled by a mandala-shaped temple known as the Hirapur Chausat Yogini Shrine located near Bhubaneswar, India.

After a brief introduction about the temple and the different yogini statues in the temple, Moria guided the team to first visualize the yoginis and their mounts and also learns their stances and gestures. Breathing life into the goddesses, she taught many a beautiful and statuesque sequences, fusing Odissi and Bellydancing.

Later that day Moria updated her FB status saying - "Today was the first time I taught the 64 Yogini dance workshop and it was wonderful. The ladies were so focused and looked beautiful dancing through each combination. Thank you all for making the debut of this workshop such a joy for me".

Thank you Moria!! Every minute of learning this exquisitely elegant fusion sequence was a wonderful experience.

Day 5 of the workshop:
Veve dance team had another exclusive workshop with Moria, learning the folkloric form of Tunisian dance.

Fresh and unique, Tunisian dance technique places heavy emphasis on twisting, unique posturing and unexpected floor patters with many high energy combinations. It is an exciting form of ethnic dance and the team learnt from Moria their combinations as they apply to Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Veve Dance Team with Moria Chappell posing with their 'Certificate of Participation', which was ingeniously designed by our Senior Instructor Dipika Vijay.

After receiving tremendous response for this workshop with Moria, Veve dance is already working to rope in more international artists for future collaborations.

January 1, 2014

Veve Dance learns from the International best!!!

What is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?

A good teacher is one who imparts knowledge; but a great teacher is the one who, while imparting knowledge, never stops learning and questioning. Team Veve is of the opinion that, the day we stop learning and start believing ourselves to be all knowing, we start to stagnate.

So it has always been and will always be our endeavor to learn more and more about this beautiful dance form including its varied style and genres. Since the past three years, Team Veve has been travelling to various Belly dance workshops and conferences and has been learning and training under many masters instructors across the globe.

Though Belly dance has firm roots in the middle-east, it is now a globally celebrated art and dance form. Master teachers and performers from different parts of the world travel extensively conducting workshops and teaching at seminars and imparting the precious knowledge of this dance form.

BDC - Belly Dance China Conference - 2013 (Ningbo, China)

The recent most Bellydance conference that was attended by the Veve Dance team was held in the land of the dragons - China.

Belly Dance China (BDC), an organization whose mission is to spread the art and knowledge of belly dance around the world by organizing events which help in connecting the top master instructors with the students from world over.

For the first time ever, a select group of students had been invited to attend this workshop with the Team Veve. A super excited group of 13 women, travelled together for a united mission- to dance and represent our country and company in the south-east Asia’s largest Belly Dance Conference at Ningbo China.

Day 1 of the conference:

An arabian fairy tale beginning to this one helluva scintillating experience! As the registration process begun, world renowned Darbuka player Saleh Heby and his band took a seat in the lobby and start drumming out one magical number after another.

Within seconds, women from all parts of the world were shimmying and spinning together to his beautiful rhythms and that’s all it took for strangers to become friends. The room was an amazing blend of dancers from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, China, USA, Australia, Germany, India, Russia, Israel and many such countries- all trained versatile in different dance forms and equally passionate about belly dancing.

First workshop at the 2013 Global Belly Dance Conference (BDC) was taken by the inspirational and exotic Master teacher and performer, the famous tribal belly dancer Ms. Sharon Kihara. She broke down chronologically Tribal Belly dancing and its multi-layered techniques. 

While some of the girls were discovering new body movements (with muscles that one thought could never move); others were in SE Asia’s newest discovery Jinhee Kim’s Oriental workshop. She was also last season’s 'BDC Queen' and had been invited as a 'Master' this season.

After 1.5 hours of the first set of workshops, the group re-united sweating and red-faced from both workshops for the tribal workshop by Master instructor Moria Chappell. The workshop was about the superlative technique of muscle and body control with emphasis on key muscle groups. Quoting Moria, "Tribal belly dance will pull all the energy back into your body to bring out that sensuous animal; so that you dance not from the outside, but inside."

Master instructor Bozenka of Cuban-Czech heritage, who is known for her beautiful arm movements, took a workshop on graceful and flowy Flamenco arms with belly dancing hips and sways. It was a beautiful workshop in which, believe-it-or-not, Bozenka taught many of Bollywood/India inspired hand movements!

Opening gala night!!!!

As naughtily planned beforehand by the Veve Dance group, everybody were dressed in authentic Indian attire and immediately became the cynosure of all eyes at the conference.

Then came the moment everybody was waiting for since their arrival at BDC, the performances by the Masters. One by one they scorched the stage with their spell-casting movements and eloquent expressions.

Korea's new star and International belly dancer Jinhee Kim took the stage by storm with her dazzling oriental performance and everyone got a glimpse of why she is called as the new ‘sensation’ in the belly dance fraternity. 

The one and only Rachel Brice mesmerized the audience with her sedate and sinewy moves. The beautiful utilization of the light and shadow, gave her performance an other worldly effect. Her musicality being so strong that with each and every step she gave out the feeling that she was creating the music with her moves, rather than just dancing on it.

In an utterly mind "whirling" performance, Egypt’s new megastar the gorgeous Wael Mansour, wearing a neon costume was swirling and spinning, performing the Tanoura for 15 mins non-stop.

  Photomaker : Sabaah Makker of Nambi Sabaah Photography

Youtube sensation Didem danced on a medley of multiple drum solo's, one beautifully flowing into the other and with her brilliant shimmies and beat marking, she had the audience sitting on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting to see the magic she created with her moves.

Master instructors Tito Seif and Alla Kushnir also performed to reverberating cheers from the audience who were eager to see more and more and more!!

Various other dance schools from all over also got a chance to showcase their talents.

With dinner and drinks over, the stage soon became an open stage with live musicians and women in their sparkling, amazing costumes dancing away. This was the first time, most of the students from the Veve Dance team had experienced a Hafla with a live music band and were they high or what! An adventurous finish to Day 1!

Day 2 of the conference:

After barely catching a wink for a couple of hours and with butterflies in tummies, 550 participants from across 55 countries were running around in Shangri-La Hotel to find their respective workshops and get the closest spot to the Master.

Spoilt for choice!!! The workshops for the day were -

Oriental Tito Style!!!

     Alla Kushnir's Haligy

Rachel Brice's Tribal Fusion

                                     Didem's Drum Solo

Wael Mansour's Oriental Tarab


A special workshop by yesteryear’s belly dance Egyptian superstar Yousry Sharif.

The one who started it all - Fifi Abdou’s super explosive Saidi workshop.

One of the greatest lessons imparted by all the Masters was to 'Learn what we can offer, but discover who you are amongst all this'.

At the end of 6 hours of learning and dancing, cramped up with muscle pain and sweat dripping off, the workshops for the day were done and the second night of performances were unveiled. And what a night! Every woman’s fantasy came alive with Tito Seif dancing; the focal point of hundreds of longing eyes! 

A special mention of a very special artist who happens to be Veve Dance team's all time favorite right from our 2011 workshops. 
A charmer who definitely knows how to get undivided attention, Tito Seif. 

Paying a special tribute to his teachers- Fifi Abdou and Yousry Sharif, Tito performed a Saidi number with not 1 or 2 but 4 Assays!! Blew off the minds of every one present, with his teasing hip moves, uncontrollable shimmies and the inviting smile on his lips.

Whether it was by shimmying on Yousry Sherif’s lap or jumping on a dinner table and moving hips or throwing flowers at squealing girls or sharing a beautiful moment with Fifi Abdou; Tito Seif was undisputedly the Master blaster of the entire Belly Dance China conference.

Our Director Veronica says that, "He is an all rounder. He performs Baladi, Saidi, Drum-solo's, Oriental; dances with all kinds of props like balancing a Sheesha (Hookah) on his head or dancing on a Darbuka or with 4 canes twirling and balancing and the list goes on and on! He is the undisputed king of all things egyptian classical belly dancing."

Day 3 of the conference:

More workshops with Alla Kushnir, Moria Chappell, Sharon Kihara, Tito Seif, Bozenka, Rachel Brice and Didem. Highlight workshop for most was Rachel Brice when she taught three hours of drills, fast movements and combos. Moria Chappell used muscle isolations and yoga asanas to break down tribal techniques while Alla Kushnir taught the most delicious shimmies.

Veve Dance troupe qualified for semi-finals in the ‘Beyond Tradition – Troupe’ category of the Belly dancing competition and they made the most of this opportunity to represent their talent and country by burning the main stage with their stunning performance!

The whole team was hustling around rehearsing in lobbies, putting together costumes and bickering about what would make a great performance. Our competition nominees, instructors Dipika Vijay, Aakriti Prasad and one of our most talented students Shaina Penkar were trying to control the nerves, holding hands with Veve and praying for a great show ahead. The semi- finals were being judged by Bozenka, Moria Chappell and Wael Mansour, an honor for all dancers/competitors.

First in line was the kids category and it was amazing to see the talent in 6-10yr olds. Next were the Solos in Oriental Egyptian category and the breath taking costumes and accessories seen were to die for!

There was a special category 'Beyond Tradition' where Belly dancing in its fusion styles could be given a fair representation.

And finally it was the troupe category! There were many interesting performances from varied genre's like ATS, Tribal fusion etc.

The last to put forth their performance was the Veve Dance team! Choreographed by our very own instructors Dipika Vijay and Aakriti Prasad, this piece told the story of a dark and divided soul tormented by years of captivity and reaching out towards the light. The dark intensity of the choreography and the energy shooting from the eyes of the performers, gave the audience goose bumps. A great review was given and the cheering and hooting from the audience was a clear sign that it was appreciated by all!

The finale of the day was a gorgeous Fashion show of a line of extremely brilliant Belly dance costumes designed by Mr. Asi Haskal for which our Director Veronica along with two of our students Shaina Penkar and Sabaah Makker were chosen.

The ramp-walk sequence was choreographed by Ms. Simona Guzman.

Watch the video at: 


Day 4 of the conference:

The finals night! With excitement all the finalists are seen taking out extra time and practicing, bonding with fellow contestants, sharing tips and music and getting to know each other.

The much awaited Rachel Brice workshop on Serpentine, Smoke and Sinuous belly dance phrases kick starts the day along with Didem's floor work routines and Alla Kushnir’s Baladi Taqsim. Post lunch followed by Moria Chappell’s tribal fusion patterns, Tito’s Shaabi style & Fifi Abdou’s own dance style. Those who attended her workshop are the ones who will remember the enigma and passion that was Fifi.. 

Later that day was the 'Fifi Abdou Show'. A total of 6 theatrical and musical dance performances, each more unique then the other was put forth by the legendary Queen of oriental belly dancing. 

The final moment: Dancing in front of the judges of the day – Tito Seif, Wael Mansour, Bozenka and Moria Chappell would be the single most exhilarating moment of each belly dancer’s life. All the finalists from all the different categories put their best foot forward trying to impress the judges. 

Winners of the troupe category – Veve Dance!!!

3 girls holding hands firmly and glued to each other for announcements. Confusion and happiness overwhelming their faces when the realization hits they won! The trio were smiling and giggling like little girls holding the winner’s trophy in their hands. Standing ovation by the judges and audience was the perfect cherry on top.

Then there were the Veve Dance students in colorful ghaghra cholis dancing on a fusion of Indian folk dance and belly dance. The continuous whistles and hooting confirmed that Indian Bollywood fusion is one of the much loved genres and would always be appreciated and loved no matter where we go.

The team giving an interview after the performances.

After a late dinner the entire team huddled in one room sharing experiences, imitating each other, anecdotes of their personal favorite moment and more. It was wee hours of the morning when everyone slept for the last day of the workshop.

Day 5 of the conference:

The day we were all looking forward to. Our beloved Director Veve takes a Master Class at BDC.

She chose to bring more awareness about the Indian classical dance form of Kathak and took a workshop on how to fuse it with oriental belly dance. She was welcomed very warmly by a fully packed class of 80-100 enthusiastic (mostly Chinese) women and men who wanted to know more about India. Veronica introduced the students to many an intricate foot and arm movements of Kathak and also taught them how to fuse it with Belly dance moves.

Our Director Veronica chilling out after her workshop

...The old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Late evening at the Closing Gala ceremony, everyone was dressed in their best. With one powerful performance after another, all the Masters graced the stage again with multiple performances.

The luscious Alla Kushnir’s trademark groove had even the women weak-in-the-knees. Her deeply dynamic shimmies were much talked of and she can be said to have brought the *louder shimmies* back in fashion.

Photomaker : Sabaah Makker of Nambi.sabaah.photography

Moria Chappell's performance was a yoga inspired acrobatic tribal belly dance fusion performance with a slightly eccentric & wild edge to it. One of the most eye-catching sequences in her performance was the floor work sequence, where she executed picture-perfect splits and alternate turns which beautifully flowed from one to the other.

 Photomaker : Sabaah Makker of Nambi Sabaah Photography

Rachel Brice and her troupe Datura performed the 'Glide Trio' tribal fusion piece. Dressed in a galabeya inspired, sheer mother-of-pearl colored costume, they showed off their snakey and strong moves. With each and every movement synchronized to pin point precision, they were a highly effective team. 

Tito Seif - always the surprise package! Very playfully he began a beautiful drum solo number whilst Issam Houshan played the Darbuka. In the middle of the performance, very eloquently Tito, climbed atop a darbuka kept on stage and continued dancing and doing crazy shimmies atop it. 

A tribal belly dance solo by the gorgeous Sharon Kihara.

Sharon Kihara's jugalbandi with the King of drums - Issam Houshan. She performed a drum solo putting together a mind blowing fusion of oriental belly dance with ATS and tribal fusion belly dance moves.

Bozenka performed a classical drum solo number with very intricate hip movements, shimmies and foot and arm work.

Later that night: Veve Dance was invited to a special Roof Top Party, on the 35th floor of Shangri La Hotel, which was also attended by all the Masters. While everyone was loosening up and relaxing to some Caribbean and Latin music, the Veve team was conniving among themselves on how to hijack the party. After a little persuasion, the DJ was convinced to play some bollywood music and boy-oh-boy did the mood of the party change. Suddenly the floor had people matching Bhangra, Bollywood and Indian dance steps with the Indians; along with the entire bucket loads of hand gestures, hip moves and expressions!

Day 6 of the conference:

The day of good-byes. Nobody was in the mood to get up early, dreading the effort of packing up and bidding good-bye to all.

But a wonderful experience, definitely intensive and we are already excitedly looking forward to be there again next year!

After the conference, the team went to Shanghai to soak up the varied sights and flavors of China.


Right from sampling various cuisines, to visiting landmark monuments, midnight shopping and square dancing in the streets with the localites, there was nothing that this girl gang from India did not try. The group made rounds of the famous Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Museum, Jade Temple and Bundh riverside; and also went on a crazy shopping spree covering all *genre’s* of shopping like street shopping, mall shopping, midnight shopping, tea shopping, antiques shopping, souvenirs’ shopping, gadgets’ shopping and extra suitcase (as there was no space left in the suitcase) shopping.. ;)

TARAZADE - 2013 (Istanbul, Turkey)

While one team from Veve Dance had travelled to China to attend the BDC conference, another team of instructors visited the Intercontinental Oriental Dance festival – Tarazade - 2013 held at Istanbul, Turkey.

It is an annual belly dance festival organized by Ms. Tara, the owner of Tara Travels. She has been an organizer of dance holidays since 23 years and has been organizing the Dahab Holiday Dance Festival since 10 years. Last year in 2012, she realized her long-held ambition, to organize a global standard belly dance festival at her beloved second home, Turkey and that is how Tarazade started in its entire oriental splendor.

With visitors from 24 countries and 21 first-class artists including the likes of Didem, Jilina, Aziza, Prof. Hassan Khalil, Azad Kaan, Hale Sultan, Claudia Hildreth, Luxor etc., Tarazade represented a new festival spirit. Tara is of the belief that everyone is unique, this uniqueness is beautiful and has very unique forms of expression. For everybody's self-expression to blossom into ones own essence and at the same time to enjoy the uniqueness of the others is the deepest ambition which Tara has for this festival.

The Festival opened with a Gala night, where the participants got a glimpse of the Master teachers, many of whom performed on impromptu music played by the Live music band who kept up a loop playing classical, oriental and Roma music. 

Master teacher - Lulu Sabongi performs a Rainbow veil dance at the opening gala.

Master teacher Nikolas Kazakos, a greek belly dance artist and performer for the last 10 years enthralled the audience with his majestic and unique style of fusion dance.

Masters Aziza and Issam Houshan presented a dazzling master-piece of drum solo. The synergy between the two had the audience look at the drum solo dance with a new found respect.

Master teacher Nicole and her troupe from Japan presented a beautiful oriental fan veil performance.

Day 1 of the workshop:

 The very first workshop attended by the team in this turkish rendezvous, was the workshop by the turkish delight Hale Sultan. 

Hale is a renowned world class Turkish belly dance master and performing artist. Her belly dance style is exceptionally fluent, free of stereotype, passionate, uniquely spiritual and always leaves her audience in awe and breathtaking delight.

She explained the various nuances of turkish music and explained to the class the lyrics of the brassy and irresistibly charming Turkish pop song on which she taught the choreography. The dance number was fun-filled with playful patterns, naughty combinations and nimble footwork.

Next in line was the workshop by beautiful, down-to-earth  and extremely graceful Lulu Sabongi.

At the age of seventeen, Lulu fell in love with the Arabic culture and because of that she has maintained contact with the Arabic community and close relationship with the best musicians in the country.

Her workshop on arm technique was a delightful workshop where she explored the nuances of beautiful arms and hand movements in belly dance.

Day 2 of the Workshop:

The first workshop for the day was "Princess of Cairo" workshop with Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil.

Dr. Hassan who is in his 70s, is a Professor and Head of the department of acting and directing at the Academy of Theatrical Arts in Cairo. He is not only a specialist in Egyptian folklore, but is also well-known in the field of folklore of the Gulf. He was the first person to conduct studies on the folklore dances of Egypt such as Nubian folklore, Hagallah, folklore from Port Said and many more.

Complete with a Veil, he taught a very beautiful and delicate princess stylized choreography. This workshop was an oriental Egyptian based workshop. He explained how the oriental belly dance is different from turkish belly dance and also taught corrective postures to help all the students to enhance the beauty of their dance.

While some members of our team were attending the workshop by Dr. Hassan, others were bringing out their crazy shimmy package with Claudia Hildreth.

Widely regarded as an expressive and naturally gifted dancer, Claudia has devoted over 15 years in the pursuit of passionate, musical and technical living art form that is middle eastern Belly dance. She is also the member and co-creator of the troupe Bellydance Soulfire.

Brimming with scintillating shimmies and fiery flamenco moves, Claudia taught a fusion choreography of classical and modern American Cabaret.

From there the team rushed to the next workshop by the dynamic and soul-captivating Master instructor, Azad Kaan. 

A young Turkish dancer, pedagogue for dancers from all across the globe and choreographer for oriental and contemporary dance-arts in Europe. During lots of tours and workshops in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Germany he has shown his passion and spirit for dancing on stages and worked with famous choreographers in Europe.
His first workshop was a Shimmy techniques workshop, where he showed all possible crazy shimmies and also explained different ways of practicing them. His second workshop was a Turkish drum solo choreography workshop, replete with intense shimmies and many typically turkish moves.

The last workshop of the day was a drum solo choreography by the warm and friendly Aziza and the rarest of talents Master Issam Houshan.

Aziza, one of the brightest, most in-demand stars of belly dance in the world today, recognized across the globe for her unparalleled ability to express the unique synergy of movement and sound that is the hallmark of this ancient art form.

Master Tabla player Issam Houshan is one of the rarest of talents in the world of Darbuka musicians. Call him the Wassan Pharaoun, King of the Drum or Mr. Magic Fingers and you only tell the half of it. It is his connection to the dancer that is the essence of his magic.

Aziza taught a beautiful drum solo on Live drum beats played by Issam.

Day 3 of the workshop:

The day could not have had a more fantabulous start! Workshop with the extremely talented and highly acclaimed belly dancer Luxor from Moscow, who had all the women-folk weak in the knees with his charming laughter.

According to people who have seen his performances live, he is one of the most mesmerizing performers ever and can attract every single cell from the audience. 

He became world-famous by his fashionable and eccentric belly dance performances which are a terrific blend of filigree technique, powerful choreography and overwhelming male charisma. Accordant to the International Dance Organization (I.D.O), he attained the title of European Champion 2010 and won the World cup in 2010.

His workshop was an Arabic pop choreography workshop, where he explained how to enhance ones’ moves by enjoying and feeling the music while you dance.

Next in line were the workshops by Bellydance Superstar Jilina. She proved why she is still the reigning superstar of belly dancing, when she took three different workshops back to back.

Master dancer, instructor and choreographer, Jilina has devoted her life to dance. In 2003 she joined the belly dance superstars where she served as the artistic director and main choreographer until 2009. She continues to serve as one of their principle choreographers. Jilina pulls from a strong dance background in Middle eastern, folklore, jazz, ballet and hip hop to create a colorful middle eastern fusion.

The most unique and outstanding among all her workshops was the ‘Fantastic Classic’ choreography workshop. Jilina taught a choreography which incorporated parts of Egyptian belly dance and modern contemporary moves with the essence of a tarab performance.  A choreography which makes one feel the deep longing of one’s beloved.

While some members of the team were being mesmerized by Jilina, others were being enchanted in the workshop by the one and only Didem Kinali.

The Youtube sensation and first Turkish belly dancer of Roma (Gypsy) ethnic heritage is an internationally acclaimed and much sought after belly dancer.

Her modern oriental choreography was filled with challenging techniques and some of her signature moves.

And finally the most awaited – ‘The Open stage’ performance night.
Representing India on this International stage, the Veve Dance team put up two performances.

First international solo debut of senior instructor Sanjana Muthreja. She presented a Bollywood piece complete with various classical mudras fused with oriental Egyptian belly dance moves.

First international duet-performance by instructors Sara Bade and Sama Patkar where they presented an Oriental Lavani performance. A serene fusion of belly dance moves with the traditional dance form of Lavani.

With other participants after the performances.

Day 4 of the workshop:

The team attended more workshops by the masters Aziza, Jilina and Didem. 

The evening turned electrifying, as the Master instructors graced the stage one after the other and delivered one power packed performance after the other at the 'Turkish Gala Night', 

Azad Kaan's eloquently athletic style and compelling performance had the girls in the audience shouting on the top of their lungs for more.

Jilina's striking performance left no doubt in the minds of those watching that she is still the reigning belly dance superstar.

Patricia Zarnovican's tribal fusion performance was a beautiful inclusion into the varied repertoire of performances that was hosted during the gala.

Didem with the trademark moves was the darling of the crowd who keep hooting for more!

Famous turkish belly dancer and master teacher Sema Yildiz also performed a beautiful number at the gala.

A very warm and beautiful festival that ended on a high crescendo.

Nile Group Festival 2011 & 2012 (Nile, Egypt)

Nile group festival is one of the biggest Oriental Dance Festivals in the world and proudly hosts many of the most famous dancers and teachers from Egypt and the rest of the world in a lovely mix. It upholds the true flavor of the oriental classical belly Dance and Egyptian folkloric dance and music.

Veve dance team has learnt under many of the eminent belly dancers who grace the Nile group festivals with their presence.

Folklore workshops with Mahmoud Reda also called as father of Oriental dance and the founder of the renowned Reda Troupe.

Farida Fahmy technique workshop with Farida Fahmy who was the principle dancer of the original Reda Troupe for 25 years.

Shaabi choreography workshop 
with Tito Seif

Shaabi cabaret choreography workshop with Lubna Emam.

Oriental Assaya choreography workshop with Ahmed Refaat

Drum Solo choreography workshop with Yana

Cheeky Baladi choreography workshop with Khaled Mahmoud

Oriental choreography workshop with Camelia

Sword Workshop with Alaa Yousef

Oriental pop choreography workshop with the enigmatic sisters Marwa & Tuna

Oriental Veil Choreography workshop with Mohamed Kazafy

Modern Baladi choreography workshop with Kaheena

Pop Shaabi Choreography workshop with Ousama Emam

Hagallah workshop with Nesrin Bahaa

Oum Khatum choreography workshop with Hatem Hamdi

Technique and Hot table solo workshop with Zeina

The opening and closing gala performances at Nile Group Festivals are legendary. Be it Tito Seif dancing whilst balancing a sheesha on his head or Camelia's breath-taking moves or Khaled Mahmoud's grace; it is an oriental dancers paradise.

After the workshops, the most awaited trip around Cairo. 

The one place that automatically pops into our mind every time the name Egypt is uttered are -The Pyramids of Egypt!

New York - Theatrical Belly Dance Conference - 2010

The NY theatrical belly dance conference is one of its kind belly dance conference in the entire world. It facilitates and supports theatrical oriented workshops and World citizen dance. 

Famous International Dancers and Co-directors Anasma and Ranya Renée have collaborated together and worked towards making this conference one of the most successful belly dance conferences in the world.

Its aims to take away from the popular notion set in the mind of the general public that, Belly dancing is performed only at hotels, restaurants and night clubs for the entertainment of the patrons. The conference's core belief is that the range of talent in the field of belly dancing goes beyond the traditional image of belly dancing. Theatrical belly dance encompasses a diverse array of belly dance styles which aims to create performances that are both sensual and dramatic. 

The Theatrical Belly dance conference 2010 was held in New York and was a 5 day event from 5th to 11th July. Featuring instructors & speakers from across the United States, Canada, Spain and Sweden, it included a full schedule of workshops, panel discussions & three curated programs at the Dance New Amsterdam (DNA) theater which aimed to demonstrate a variety of theatrical treatments of belly dancing.

Out of town visitors (including members of the Veve Dance team) were taken on a belly dance oriented shopping tour the day before the workshops began; by Hospitality co-ordinator Nabila Nazem and conference instructor Lotus Niraja.

Lunch after 5hrs of non-stop shopping! A unique way to get recharged before the workshops.

Some of the workshops that our team members attended at the conference:

Presence, Intention and Emotions from inside out;

and Character embodiment and Character Development technique workshops with Anasma.

Character in Performance and Introduction to Breath-work for Performance technique workshop with Ranya Renée

The Sensual Belly dancer technique workshop with Blanca.

Embodying Mythical Archetypes technique workshop with Aepril Schaile

Silent Film Starlet technique workshop with JeniViva.

Own the stage technique workshop with Lotus Niraja

Empowered Bellydance + Intercultural Performance technique workshop with Hanan.

Choreography tool-box and Structured Improvisation technique workshop with Elisheva

Emotion in motion and Dynamic staging to enhance Stage presence technique workshop with Aszmara.

The goal of this Project is to advance belly dance as a performance art, as well as to provide education and community to fellow belly dancers. At their shows, which are open to the general public, they present an array of mind-blowing performances, the best that their eclectic mix of Master instructors have to offer—world-renowned international performers and choreographers in programs of diverse, groundbreaking entertainment. 

Panel discussions with the Masters in between the workshops.

The conference showcased performances featuring traditional belly dance and folklore as well as the modern, fusion, and experimental forms that have enriched the belly dance arts scene in recent years. 

Some of the performances at the Conference

Anasma's "Love Letter" performance

Ranya Renée's Underwater themed Mermaid performance

Aepri Schaile's fusion performance 

Hanan's egyptian styled Enta Omri performance

Ayshe and the Cult of Isis perform 'Flowing as one'

JeniViva and the Mystical hips perform 'The Broken branch of Aeon'

Blanca and dancers perform 'Escalate'

Samara and Mosaic Dance theatre company get folkloric in 'Raks al Said'

Los Angeles legend Fahtiem in 'Oriental Fantasy'

'Belly Queen' perform a quirky and upbeat number

Light charmers performance by Andrea, Enchantress of Bioluminosity and Sparks in the Dark.

'Conjurer of Tricks' performance by Blanca

Girls just wanna have fun! Going click happy after the workshops.

Shoppinggg!!! The more you buy the more you want. Hidden markets brimming with great accessories, costumes etc. NYC is a Belly Dancer's piece of heaven

After the Theatrical workshops, the Veve Dance Team also attended a Workshop conducted by the one and only Amar Gamal of Bellydance Superstars.

A workshop on Shimmies and Cabaret moves by Amar Gamal.